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Overwhelmed by grief. Surviving behind a mask, Physiotherapist Ellie Rose cares for others. But who will mend her broken heart?

"A poignant read"
Nanette Kreitzman
"Intelligent," Uplifting," A Heart-warming Romance."
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Short stories about life, love, loss, laughter and tears.
Can turbulent writer Isaac face his demons?
Who is gabe Morelli?
Is a dog ever 'just a dog'?
And much more...
Love life? Then dip into this delicious treat today.

LATEST NOVEL Release date June 30th 2022


The man she loves is offering his hand and heart. So why is Ellie Rose avoiding the issue? As Mark’s frustration with her grows, and a new friend brings more confusion, Ellie sees her ideal world begin to unravel. More used to advising others, when Ellie finds her own fears resurfacing, she wonders if she will ever make peace with the past.

"Intelligent," Uplifting," A Heart-warming Romance."
Amazon customers


Angela Cairns


if you like warm-hearted novels and short stories, full of every-day courage, romance, and found-family, you’ll love my books

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