I write about things that matter to me; everyday life, amazing people, interesting times and emotions. It’s exciting and challenging to create a story that readers will identify with. Recently, one of my readers wrote to say they had re-read Touch because it moved them and it warmed their heart. That makes all the hard work worthwhile.

If life is a boat in which we sail — then our stories are the waves which carry us


A Song for Kitty front cover

A Song for Kitty

New Release

A Song for Kitty. A powerful historical fiction set in the years before the First World War – against the backdrop of a tumultuous time where suffragettes fought for the vote, trade unions challenged employers for better pay and conditions and political unrest and war stalked the carefree Edwardian lifestyle. If you liked Downton Abbey you will love A Song for Kitty.

Lily Matthews, an apprentice seamstress and her neighbour Aiden Donnelly, a talented pianist, are in love. They dream of careers in the Music Hall in London. At a suffragette meeting they encounter London Music Hall star Kitty Marion. Will the charismatic Kitty help them to achieve their dreams or destroy their relationship and put their well-being at risk?


The first novel in The Ellie Rose series – The # 1 Amazon Bestseller

Overwhelmed by grief. Surviving behind a mask, Physiotherapist Ellie Rose cares for others. But who will mend her broken heart?

“Touch is a moving story of a woman dealing with her own wounds of grief while starting a business designed to heal others. It is a tale that does not shrink from the raw emotions of loss, yet gives you a buoy of hope to cling to.” 
– Nannette Kreitzman

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Dilemma front cover


Second novel in the Ellie Rose Series

She solves problems for everyone else, but now Ellie Rose has her own dilemma. Everything is changing, she’s afraid to commit, Ellie wants to run, but will that solve anything?

Five star review for Dilemma


“This is book two in the Ellie Rose series and just like “Touch”, book one, Dilemma is a charming and heart-warming story of real people with relatable lives. Ellie is delighted with the way her physiotherapy clinic is thriving and is happy with how her relationship with Mark is progressing.

But life is ever-changing. A development in her best friends’ lives will have a profound effect on that of Ellie and Mark. Although thrilled with the news their friends are expecting a baby, Ellie has no desire for motherhood herself, Surprised when Mark shows a broody side, suddenly the pressure is being applied to Ellie to take the plunge.

As someone who struggled with the whole “should I, shouldn’t I” baby question, I found Ellie’s dilemma very relevant. Nodding at several points in the book, it stirred up memories of how manipulated I felt by well-meaning but misguided family and friends.

A beautifully written and richly described book, this is a story about the little things in life that can assume monumental importance. Forget large, world events, this is an everyday tale that is significant because it touches on subjects that impact each one of us. A wonderful and relatable read, this was an easy five stars from me, and I look forward to reading more from this author.”

– Julia Blake

Bloom front cover


When longings bring heartache and the waiting seems endless.

Seasonal Produce front cover

Seasonal Produce

Short Stories about life, love, loss, laughter and tears.

Can turbulent writer Isaac face his demons? Who is Gabe Morelli?

Is a dog ever ‘just a dog’? and more…

Angela explores the seasons of our lives in her inspired anthology.

Love life? Then dip into this delicious treat today.

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