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The first novel in The Ellie Rose series
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Overwhelmed by grief. Surviving behind a mask, Physiotherapist Ellie Rose cares for others. But who will mend her broken heart?


“Why did Brett die? Why? He was thirty, talented and I loved him. He left me standing in the middle of my shattered dreams.”

When physiotherapist Ellie Rose loses soulmate Brett in a tragic accident, all their plans to marry, work together and travel, die with him. devastated, Ellie flees to the countryside to escape the smothering sympathy of family and friends. To find, somehow, a way to survive.

She needs to move on, but Ellie can’t help looking back, and if she continues to live in the past, will she miss her second chance for happiness?

Live reading of an excerpt “Hashima” from Touch, at The Writer’s Company Wivenhoe

Available from your favourite bookseller in paperback and Ebook

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A great bear of a dog with a huge heart.


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