Doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing it alone!

I finished the second draft of my second novel ‘Dilemma’ about three weeks ago and had lived deep in the …

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Does your writing need a little Yin and Yang?

Introduction: I love the notion of flow and change and so the concepts of Yin and Yang that I’ve encountered …

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Stretches and Tension Breakers for Writers and Readers

Got my physio/writer hat on today. It’s tempting to stay hunched over the keyboard or book, living in our head …

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How to protect your back when reading and writing

Readers and writers put a lot of strain on their spine especially if posture isn’t very economical. Check the height …

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What readers need to know about finding their next book.

You find an author you love, it’s as if they are speaking directly to you. You read all their books …

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So, you’d like to be a writer?

Have you ever thought about writing a story or a book? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult because life …

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