When things don’t go according to plan…

When things are not going to plan…

I was on a roll at the start of the week, I am writing the sequel to Touch. An inspirational marketing course I attended, made me put down my writing pen temporarily to put effort and time to streamline my ‘shop window’. The Website, Goodreads, Bookfunnel, my book blurb, adverts all had a makeover. I also decided to take positive action to start a facebook group, so that followers feel part of a community, and we can get book chats going and have fun with writing ideas.

I felt great. Clean and de-cluttered. Take a look around the site https://www.angelacairnsauthor.co.uk to see what you think. To me, it felt like I had sorted my wardrobe and kitchen cupboards all in one go.

Next point of attack was my novel Touch. I decided to revise because I had found some errors that had slipped through the original edit and I wanted to tweak the opening slightly. All good except… I have without realising, slightly increased the page count, and so the cover no longer fits the paperback! Amazon says I can’t re-publish until I have the cover resized. Major existential crisis, much muttering and nervous munching of chocolate!

The temporary solution is to change the layout so the book is more compact – job done.

When I am not having a crisis, I do believe things happen for a reason, and the reason, in this case, became obvious; I have just been approached by a social media friend and fellow author, who has offered to do a video book trailer for me and wants to change the cover to reflect images used in the video. I am beyond excited, and this means a re-launch coming soon. I feel great again.

As they say “Life is what happens when you’ve made other plans.”


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