How To Unlock Focus, Boost Performance, and Elevate Happiness/Well-being in Six Weeks

I teach you to quieten negative mind chatter and use creative thinking to have more focus, less stress, and a clear roadmap to the life you want to create.

We all have negative or judgemental voices in our heads that whisper doubts and uncertainties many from childhood or from life events that have bruised us:

“You aren’t enough—good enough/clever enough/pretty enough/slim enough, etc.”
“People will laugh.”
“You’ll upset people—and they won’t like/love you any longer.”
”Critics will rip you to shreds.”  
“You don’t know where to start.”
“It’s easier to not change anything.”

Sometimes those voices come from well-intentioned people around us, friends, or family too…

“Be careful, you’re taking a risk.”
“You’re too old.”
“You’re nuts, you can’t start doing that, stick with what you know.”
“There’s no money in that.”
“Don’t rock the boat.”

And you could be tempted to listen because those lies and half-truths are persuasive.

However, if you’re on this website, something isn’t right and inside you want more. To feel empowered, change jobs, have a happier more fulfilled life, write, paint, play an instrument, coach, or be an entrepreneur—whatever it is you’re ready to harness your creative, innovative side to achieve your best life.

I have built two health and holistic therapy businesses from the ground up. I could have settled for that, but my inner voice kept nagging—I wanted to share insights from my healthcare career to those navigating adversity, not only from within my clinic but to a wider audience, by weaving them into captivating stories that feature resilient characters.

Amidst a sea of scientists and medics crafting scholarly works for peers, I aspired to write stories that could touch lives in a different way.

When I embarked on my novel writing journey, I had no formal training. Although I had written many non-fiction articles and courses for work over forty years, my confidence in my creative abilities was fragile, compounded by the demands of running a family and the clinics. I felt out of my comfort zone, and the prospect of sharing my work with the world made me anxious. The hill to climb seemed huge.

Other self-doubts crept in—was I being selfish pursuing my dream? Should I count myself lucky and settle for what I had?

Refusing to give in to overwhelm or surrender, regardless of setbacks (which numbered a good few) I stopped struggling alone and began to draw on mentoring from a network of amazing, successful people with one thing in common, their vision for a better life.

I bring a fusion of my unique skills to my Calm Confident, Create Coaching Programmes:

From this fusion was born a simple, sustainable, and creative routine—a key to surmounting barriers and achieving goals.

My journey was invigorated by the incredible network I forged and today, I am a coach who is also an Amazon bestselling author, guest presenter for the BBC, Physiotherapist with two thriving clinics and a holistic practitioner.

I want to share my knowledge and expertise with you, in my Calm Confident, Create Programmes. Witnessing your amazing transformations ignites my own. I want to see you succeed and to believe in the uncharted life that awaits you. 

About me


I’m Angela Cairns, Director of A C Coaching. I’m a coach, a busy health business owner, holistic practitioner, amazon best-selling author, wife, friend, mother of two grown up lads and grandmother.

I have over forty years’ experience guiding people to achieve their well-being and life goals.

Did I start out practically perfect in every way? And am I now? No! But I’m fine with that. The struggles I’ve had made me who I am. In hindsight, they were gifts. Did they seem like that at the time? Mainly not…some were extremely traumatic or toxic.

I have struggled with:

So, you see, I get it. Life can be tough.

I could go on—but scratch the surface of any life and you will find challenges. However, our challenges do not define us, it’s the decisions we make, the questions we ask and the actions we take that let us ride the storm or be engulfed by the waves.

Gradually I started to recognise and acknowledge my true self, as creative, caring, communicative and entrepreneurial. I learned to use bigger picture thinking and appreciate the transferable skills I had from my healthcare training, running two businesses, life experience and my entrepreneurial spirit.

I’ve made mistakes along the way—plenty. Most had noughts behind them or caused me to leave a few feathers behind. However, overcoming those struggles and coming back stronger have equipped me well to offer coaching to others.

Calm, Confident, Create

 Many people never acknowledge their ‘why’ in life or create a life they don’t need to escape from. I want everyone to thrive by tapping into the science of how our brains work and developing mental fitness.

I can teach you to navigate life’s challenging times, make the decisions and transformations that will allow you to thrive rather than just survive. Help you craft the mindset, passion, and routines that will be the foundation of your best life.

I will also provide support, feedback, and accountability—rooting for you every step of the way and believing in you.

Transformation is simple—it is! Simple, exciting, energising but here’s the catch, not always easy. It does require commitment and regular practice, but nothing too dramatic. My programmes will fit into even the busiest life. I am living proof of that.

It is never too late, I started my author career at sixty, and am now an Amazon Bestselling Author with five published books, but there were times I felt I’d never achieve my goal to even start the first one.

We all have our story, and we owe it to ourselves and our legacy to look back at the end of our life and smile, satisfied we found the best of and for ourselves.

During various phases of my life, I have stared at the wall in despair, spent precious hours scrolling pointless social media posts, felt guilty for wasting my time and spent sleepless nights wondering if I dared be my authentic self.

What moved me forward every time? I sought help, asked important questions, took action, and held onto my dream despite the inevitable setbacks.

If I can, I will help you to achieve your life goals while enhancing your wellbeing and self-esteem. If not, I will still give you some amazing tools to consider. So, there is really nothing to lose.

Click the ‘let’s talk’ button now, I am looking forward to meeting you on our discovery call.


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