Book Review – Caroline Goldsworthy – ‘Tangent’

Fast paced crime thriller.

Very different to my own book Touch, Tangent is a fast-paced crime thriller, I couldn’t put down.
DCI Carlson is a worthy addition to the lists of fictional detectives, clever, committed and world- weary, he is appalled, to once more be pitting his wits against a cold blooded, sexually motivated, serial killer who’s crimes seem to mirror those from twenty years before.
Helped by Shazza, who inhabits the dark world of the girls being killed, he races against time to solve the case and prevent more deaths.
All the characters had depth and were completely believable, drawing me into their maze convincingly. Caroline Goldsworthy paints a stark picture of the working girls who are at risk and their back stories which make them vulnerable . As we profile the killer and the girls, the truth is they are all victims of victims, but it’s the girls who are being terrorised and killed.


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