New projects and reviews

It has been a curious week, as the excitement of the book launch dies down and I get on with the business of deciding what to do next, whilst feeling a bit wrung out emotionally and physically!

Two projects spring to mind; I have the plan for a sequel to Touch mapped out and I have started writing. Why not join my Facebook Group, Angela Cairns – Author Group. It’s for book chats, writing ideas and information and recommendations. I’d also like to find Beta readers for the new book, to help me by reading drafts as I go along? And be the first to read the finished item. I’d appreciate your help.

I’m thinking about an anthology of short stories, I have some already and think it would be fun to add some more. Maybe you have ideas that could act as a prompt to get me going?

Sales of TOUCH are going well and I would love any of you that have read the book to write a review, they are so helpful for other readers who may not have read anything I’ve written before. reviews on Amazon, Facebook or on the website are amazing if you’re not sure how to do them then please message me or comment after the post. The next step is to extend the book offline and circulate it to bookshops and libraries and I am excited to have a publisher who may be interested to help me with that.

Love to hear what you are reading this summer, I’ve just finished The Muse by Josephine Barnes and enjoyed every page. Happy reading,



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